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Recorded in July 2013 at Hackney Road Studios, London.


released July 11, 2013

Matt Upchuck - Vox / Gtr
Lizzy Bradley - Bass
Connor Stanford - Drums / vox

Mastered by Nick Webb.



all rights reserved


ElectroMud Brighton, UK

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Track Name: This Is Home
Arrive early morning
To the towering sound
Of cold repitition
We gather around

Sign it in - Ship it out
And repeat it with a doubt
Quota's in - Ship it out
This is means and
This is doubt.

(Outside it's hot. Inside I'm here)

Ship it in - Sign it out
And repeat it 'til you shout.
When it's over, you're alone
And you know that this is home.
Track Name: Your Pain
Track Name: The Last Saboteur
Everything I do is gonna wind me up dead.
Million pound bounty on my head.
They seek me high, they seek me low
Trail of chaos everywhere I go.

I'm the last saboteur.

On the side of people I wage my war
I fight for the sick, the weak and the poor
I crawl round the shadows in the dark of night
Confusion and chaos for the morning light.

'cos I'm the last saboteur.

I dish out justice to the powers that be
The downtrodden masses worship me
They watch the news, the cheer my name
They know tonight I'll go do just the same

I'm the last saboteur.
That's me, yeah
I'm the last saboteur.
That's me.
Track Name: Glad You're Not Here
I'm chained in dirt
It's dark and cold.
I wrote this note,
I think of you and I'm glad you're not here.

Too late for prayers.
Too late for hope.
The price of pride -
In the morning I will die.
And I'm glad you're not here.
Track Name: Traitor's Gate
I'm in shit. It could be worse.
I'm on my way to martrydom and infamy.

I fought back
'Cos I fought back

Traitor's Gate

I won't recant. So do you're worst.
Not much to lose....

At Traitor's Gate.
Track Name: Roaming Around
We say that we care...
Running around.
Roaming around.

We choose
We lose.
Running around.
Roaming around.

Running around.
Roaming around.
Running around.
Roaming around.
Track Name: Time Enough At Last
I'm alone now it's here I go
down in the vault where I know nobody goes.
I'm a fool if culture's a curse.
I was reading alone the world shook
My watch just burst.

I emerged and the world had gone.
I'm alright now coffee and cigarettes.
With time to read I don't need folk.
I put my pistol down my glasses broke.

This is time
At last.
Track Name: Ghoats
Track Name: I'll Meet You At The End
Travelled from a lonely star
Heaven knows you've come so far
That I can't even find my way.

I don't know what's going on
and I can't even find my way.

I can't even find the way.

You could be loved

But I can't even find my way.
Track Name: I Am A Grinding Piston In The Engine Block Of Revolution
I'm a well armed part of a well oiled machine
We live on passion
We let off steam.

Live. Learn. Read. Burn.
We love. We hate.
Destroy. Create.